Tower clock

Early in 1920 quite an ambitious project was taking shape, which was to install a clock in the Parish Church Tower.

A committee was formed and a parish clock fund set up, with Mr. James Westaway as the treasurer.

The clock was placed in the tower in the autumn of 1924 at a total cost of £122 5s 5d, Margaret Grant, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Grant of Bradworthy Inn, set the clock going on 18th November, 1924.

A meeting of the Tower Clock Committee has been held, Mr. J.L. Martin presiding. It was agreed to accept a tender of £26 for repairing, cleaning and overhauling the clock, the contract to include the repainting of the dial (September 1949)

The clock was illuminated in 1965 as part of the village's commemoration to Sir Winston Churchill.

They were switched on by Mr. R. Grills Collacott.