Methodist Churches


The Methodist Chapel in the 1910's.

For many years Bradworthy has been one of the Bude Circuit of Churches.

During these years many local preachers have travelled throughout the circuit, and beyond, preaching the Gospel.

In 1900 there were four Methodist churches in the parish.

Methodist Chapel in the 1920's

The Methodist Chapel in the 1920's.

One was at Atworthy, another at Bradworthy Cross, the other two being in the village.

A Wesleyan Church occupied the present site in North Road, and a United Methodist Church was in Lower Village in what is now the Church Room.

U.M. Chapel in the 1930's

The U.M. Chapel in the 1930's.

When Methodist Union took place in 1932 the lower chapel was closed and in 1937 the present chapel was enlarged to take both congregations.

Methodist Sunday School

The Methodist Sunday School was opened in 1911.

Atworthy Methodist Church was renovated at a cost of £42 and reopened in November 1936.

In 1986 Atworthy Chapel was closed, and in 1992 Bradworthy Cross Chapel closed.

Both these congregations now worship in the village.

Methodist Sunday School

The enlarged Methodist Sunday School and kitchen was opened in 1990.

Back Row: Mrs. Nancekivell, Rev. Dobell, Sir Peter Mills, Rev. R. Foster, Lady Mills, Mrs. B. Nancekivell, Mrs. D. Dobell.

Front Row: Stephen Pomeroy, William Tallamy, Miss Rachael Brown, Miss Kelly Millman.

At the beginning of this century there was a cottage where the Sunday School now stands.

This was converted into a garage about 1920.

In 1932 the garage was replaced by a Sunday School.

In 1989 the Sunday School was enlarged and a new kitchen installed.

UMC luncheon

UMC luncheon in Wade's Hotel

In 1913 a free church cemetery was opened by Dr. F.B. Meyer, a very well known London Minister.

Netball Tournament
A successful netball contest was held on the school playground between Bradworthy Parish Church and the Village Methodist Church, each providing four teams - 8 to 11 years old,11 to 14, 14 to 20, and 20 plus. Scores in total were: Parish Church, 30; Methodist Church, 24. A ten-shilling book token was given to the winners for use in the Sunday School. The profit of £7 will be divided between the Church tower fund and Methodist Church funds. (June 1968)

Atworthy Chapel outing

Atworthy Chapel outing to Bude of August 1922.

The Young People's Wesley Guild was an important feature complementing Methodist Church life.

It has evolved into what is known today as the Three Parishes Guild.

Sunday School Outing

Bradworthy & Pancrasweek Sunday School Outing of 1909

The three parishes being Bradworthy, Kilkhampton, and Morwenstow.

The Colandene Centre was opened at Newlands in 1991 by Mr. and Mrs. Colin Manning

Sunday School Outing

1908 Outing

This is proving very popular with younger members.

Visitors come from many parts of the country to join in Christian activities in Bradworthy.

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