District Council

Before 1974 Bradworthy came under the Holsworthy Rural District Council, but following local government reorganisation it formed part of the Morice ward of Torridge District Council.

Thomas Rowtcliff served on the Holsworthy Rural District Council from 1897 until 1921.

Laurence Wickett was the district councillor from 1921 until about 1960.

At the beginning of the Second World War Bradworthy's two councillors were Mr. J.L. Martin and Mr. W.L. Wickett. After the War ended Mr. J.L. Martin retired and Bradworthy was represented by Mr. Wickett and Mr. A.F. Balsdon.

In 1952 or 1953 Mr. Balsdon retired and Mr. W.J. Cann won the seat by one vote from Mr. Hockridge. At the end of his first term, which was then for three years, Mr. Cann lost his seat to Mr. Tom Prance: because he wrote the wrong voting number on his form! Three years later, on the retirement of Mr. Wickett, Mr. Cann was re-elected. He went on to serve with some distinction, including a one-year spell as the Chairman of the Torridge District Council, up until his retirement in 1987.

In 1987 Mr. Trevor Sillifant was elected to represent Bradworthy on the Torridge District Council, a position that he currently holds.

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