North Road

John Jennings, in 1920, was the old village carpenter

E. Jennings

Two firms of carpenters were in the North Road, Mr. E. Jennings & Son at Yeos, they closed in the 1930's.

Jennings Bros., now owned by Mr. Stanley Jennings, have been going for more than a century.

Started by Mr. John Jennings followed then by his two sons Richard and Ted and since 1946 by Stan, they have also carried on their business as Funeral Directors.

The old workshop was for some time used as a leather factory.

Messrs Locke & Preston

The premises now owned by Messrs Locke & Preston was built by Cann's of Bude for Mr. Steve Trewin in 1932.

He ran a successful haulage business, he later sold this, and Messrs Brown & Petherick, who used it for motor repairs, later taken over for many years by Mr. Fernley Petherick, until he sold it to Messrs Locke & Preston, the vet, on his retirement.

Perkins Shop on North Road in the 1930's

A. Perkins

Mr. A. Perkins owned a sweet and grocery store in the 1930's and 40's opposite the playing field (now demolished). He was also a watch repairer.

The shop was used as a changing room by the football team, and also for meetings.

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