Bowling Club

For a number of years there was a feeling that a bowling club would be an asset to the parish, something that all ages of ladies and gentlemen could use. A public initial meeting was held in 1980 to discuss the issue. In 1984 it became possible to obtain a site in Langdon Road.

opened in 1986

The bowling green was opened in 1986

M. Furse, W. Taylor, M. Harris, D. Ackland, M. Martin, M. Taylor, ?, M. Taylor, R. Taylor, M. Ley, H. Ley, R. Harris, C. Wade, M. Rowe, E. Colwill, P. Jennings, Q. Vanstone, R. Ackland, R. Clark, G. Brown, T. Cann, M. Adams, B. Slee, W. Adams, M. Slee, D. Harris, R. Wade, T. Petherick, R. Colwill, A. Hockridge, F. Petherick, J. Cann

Various methods of fund raising took place, including sponsoring a square yard of the green, dances, and safari suppers. Funds were also augmented by a number of free loans. Mr. Tom Cann was elected as the first chairman in December 1982.


The Bowling Club's clubhouse was opened in 1989

The green was laid in 1985. It opened for playing on 25th July 1985 by Mr. C. Metherell, who was president of the Devon Bowling Association. A luncheon was held in the Memorial Hall.

For the next couple of years a caravan served as the club house.

Pam Ham

Bradworthy's Pam Ham, Devon President in 1996

In 1989 members erected a pavilion in memory of the late Mr. Claude Wade, one of the founder members who had played a great part in the formation of the club.

The club has some 130 members and boasts one of the finest greens in the county.

It has made rapid progress with both men and women representatives at county level.

In 1993 the club hosted the Devon County Finals, and in 1995 is the venue for the Devon and Cornwall inter-county Cup competitions.

In 1994 Pam Ham was elected as the Ladies' County Junior Vice-President and was President in 1996.

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