Babies were dressed in long clothes. Boys were often dressed in frocks until they were two years old. Early in the century girls would go to school in long frocks and aprons with long boots with nails in the soles. Boys all dressed in short trousers, which seemed too big, and nailed boots.

Sometimes, with the larger families, clothes would be handed down to younger members.

There were very few toys to play with.

Once they reached school age of five and over some children from the outlying farms had to walk to school, sometimes as far as three miles. No school meals were provided in the winter but for 2p per day hot cocoa was provided at midday, this was heated on the round black Tortoise stoves, one in each classroom. This was the only heating available.

Most of the village children would go home for their midday meal.

There was one headmaster and two lady teachers.

The playground was small, being only the area now used by the new part of the school. The boys would often play football with a small sponge ball. Other games played were cricket, rounders, hopscotch and marbles.

Occasionally on a Friday afternoon Bradworthy Moor was used for a game of football. No playing field was then available and the village children would play in the Square, as there were hardly any cars about.

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