Playing Field Events

Playing Field Events, circa 1960

Back Row: B. Cleave, J. Brown, H. Grantham, W. Petherick, E. Vanstone, L. Schiller, E. Gerry.

Front Row: S. Cann, S. Wade, E. Beacham, W. Vanstone, J. Vanstone, S. Petherick, S. Oke

From the early 1940's school transport was provided, as were school meals.

The older children, 11 and over, were transported to Holsworthy until leaving school at 15.

Most of the children would have a bicycle as soon as they were old enough.

Playing Field Events

Opening of the Playing Field in 1957

Back Row: E. Pomeroy, ?, A. Pomeroy, D. Trewin, M. Wright, D. Johnson, A. Balsdon, J. Cann, D. Cann, N. Trewin.

Third Row: S. Plummer, R. Beecham, ?, G. Shaddrick.

Second Row: A. Shadrick, D. Gerry, T. Jennings, ?, M. Oke, S. Cann, R. Jenkins, K. Ward, V. Johns.

Front Row: E. Gerry, S. Wade, S. Badham, V. Bailey, ?, J. Balsdon, M. Johns, E. Beecham, R. Ward.

The playing field was opened in the 1950's which proved very popular.

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