One animal that has markedly increased is the roe deer. The smallest copse or piece of open moorland will reveal the presence of at least one or more roe deer. An unlikely phenomenon some 50 years ago.

Destructive creatures seen to be increasing are mink adjacent to river banks sounding the death knell for small creatures of the river bank - water rat, vole - even mole and ground nesting marshland birds.

Grey squirrels are expert at stealing food put out for birds during the Winter and they will also totally destroy bird feeders to obtain the nuts. I have never had the good fortune to see a red squirrel in our area.

Diminishing numbers or weasels, hares and dormice are apparent.

Rabbits flourish on certain favourite patches in other areas, just as suitable, they are absent.

Likewise the fox, prevalent in some areas, sparse in others.

Brown or grey rats and field and wood mice seem to be evenly distributed.

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